Explore Our Cable Protection Accessories

IBIS Electro-Products provides a wide range of cable protection accessories. Through our personal experiences in industry and through working with world-renowned product manufacturers, we have carefully curated a collection of cable protection accessories that will be sure to target any application you desire.

We stock appropriate accessories such as sealing rings, locknuts, adapters, reducers, extensions around our cable protection systems and much more in our program.

IBIS Electro-Products Offers Accessories for Cable Protection Systems

IBIS Electro-Products sells accessories for electrical conduits and conduit fittings. These are items that add functionality to something. These accessories items could be anything from a locknut, cord grip, protective conduit doughnut anti-abrasion rings, conduit clamps and clips, conduit fitting sealing rings, and thread adapters to name a few.

We carry Flexa brand accessories. All the cord grips (cable glands), locknuts, sealing washers, sealing rings, thread adapters, and blind plugs (stopping plugs) are by Flexa GmbH.

We carry locknuts, cord grips (cable glands) sealing washers, sealing rings, blind plugs (stopping plugs), thread adapters, and thread adapters.

Accessories for conduits and conduit fittings are used mostly within applications to help with the installation of conduits and the mounting of conduit fittings. For metal or plastic body fittings, you may need a locknut to secure the fitting through a knockout hole. Or perhaps you need a conduit clamp to secure the conduit to a wall or frame of a piece of machinery.