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IBIS Electro-Products provides a wide range of cable guide chains. Through our personal experiences in industry and through working with world-renowned product manufacturers, we have carefully curated a collection of cable guide chains that will be sure to target any application you desire.

Our cable guide chains chains are easy to install and offer an optimal ratio of wall thickness and interior space. The connections can be used variably and independently of the chain width and can be combined with a strain relief.

IBIS Electro-Products Offers Cable Guide Chains Worldwide

IBIS Electro-Products sells cable guide chains for various applications. Cable guide chains are also known as cable carriers, drag chains and cable track.

Cable guide chains are a type of flexible cable tray that allows for motion in 2D, two dimensions. The cable guide chain gets its flexibility from its construction which uses a series of interconnected links to form a chain. Hence the name.  Links can be made from all plastic, plastic and aluminum, or all steel construction. They are linked together using pivot pins that allow the individual links within the chain to swivel. The purpose of a cable guide chain is to control the directional motion of a group of wires, cables, fiberoptics, and pneumatic and hydraulic hoses placed within the protection of the chain links.

There are two varieties available, and in many sizes. The first is the open-style chain which is the more common and uses side link pieces with cross bars type construction. You can see the contents of the chain after it is loaded up. The second is a closed-style chain, which uses a side link piece and fully enclosed, covered link construction. You cannot see the contents of the cable guide chain after all the items are installed. The closed-style chain is ideal for use in applications on machinery which generates a lot of debris like wood chips or metal shavings.

We carry the Flexatec cable chain manufactured by Flexa GmnH.

Cable guide chains are used on active machinery, with movements in one or two directions and you need to protect a group of cables, wires, and hoses located in close proximity to each other on the machine. For example, pick and place robotics, milling machines, injection molding, gantry robots etc.

You should use cable guide chains when you need to move a group of wires, cables, and hoses in the same direction on a regular basis and protect them while in motion.

You shouldn’t use cable guide chains when you need high mobility, in multiple axis, or a high level of environmental and mechanical wire & cable protection is needed. You should use flexible non-metallic plastic or metallic conduit instead.

Yes, we sell both plastic and metal guide chains. The plastic guide chain is typically better for a lighter duty application while the metal guide chain is better for heavy duty applications.