IBIS Electro-Products: Conduits, Conduit Fittings & Automation Sensors

IBIS is a worldwide supplier of innovative wire management products and unique sensors for machine building, factory automation, robotics control and vehicle detection. Throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and worldwide, our team can deliver the ideal conduit or sensor solution that you need.
If you are an OEM, we have innovative Cable Protection Systems and factory automation products to increase your productivity and save you time and money.

If you are an end-user, we have the quality replacement sensors, conduits, connectors and fittings that you need to get your machine or production line back up and running.

Our team services a broad range of markets, such as machine building, factory automation and control, robotics, medical apparatus and equipment, fiber optic sensing and lighting, railway and bus vehicles, mining, renewable energy, industrial door, car wash, parking lot gate control, vehicle detection, and many more!

IBIS Electro-Products Robotic Arms with Conduits Used in Gear Automation

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At IBIS Electro-Products, we offer a wide range of wire management products and sensors for various applications. Explore our products below or contact us to help bring you the perfect sensor or wire management solution for your application.

Plastic Conduits

Standard to robotics grade; corrugated nylon, spiral PVC, PU, and two-piece split

Metal Conduits

Pick from 21 solutions; high temperature, EMC, jacketing, braiding, heavy duty

Specialty Conduits

Innovative conduit solutions for fiber-optics, high-temperature, or anti-abrasion

Plastic Body Fittings

Quick connect fittings, with plastic or metal NPT, Metric, PG or UNEF threads

Metal Body Fittings

Rugged nickel-plated brass or stainless steel conduit fittings. Metric, PG threads

Product Accessories

Locknuts, sealing rings, conduit clips, blind plugs, cord grips, and a lot more ….

Cable Guide Chains

Quality cable carriers for big and small applications. Offering light to heavy duty cable guide chains and accessories

Application Sensors

A solution for every application. Fork, frame, ultrasonic, TCP robot reference, and many more ….

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