IBIS Electro-Products Serves a Wide Range of Industries!

IBIS Electro-Products Corporation is the premier supplier of automation sensors, conduit fittings and wire management solutions for applications in a vast range of industries. Whether you are an OEM or end user, we have the products you need to keep your processes running smoothly.

Reliable and durable electrical equipment is essential to the success of nearly any work site, from medical labs to mining operations. The knowledgeable staff members at IBIS have the expertise necessary to advise you on the right solution for your specific application, no matter your industry. Our staff has hands on experience with all of our in-stock products so they can recommend the best components that will save you time and money.

Automation & Machinery

IBIS Electro-Products offers custom solutions for cable protection and industrial sensor systems for the machine building and manufacturing automation indutries.

Mass Transit

We offer products that are resistant to a number of external factors such as chemicals, fumes, flame and solvents, excessive vibration and heavy use.

Medical Equipment

IBIS Electro-Products is proud to offer a selection of accurate and reliable sensors and effective cable protection systems for use in a wide range of medical equipment.

Mining Vehicles

We supply heavy-duty conduits and accessories for mining applications from Flexa, specifically engineered to meet the extreme demands of mining operations.

Parking & Traffic

We offer an industry-leading selection of sensors for parking automation. We offer vehicle detection sensors, inductive loop vehicle detectors and accessories.

Renewable Energy

IBIS offers wire and cable protection solutions for the wind energy industry, solar power and other applications in the renewable energy field.


Cable management systems that are designed specifically for the robotics and automation industry are essential to increase the safety and durability of the cables and wires used on a daily basis.