Automation & Machinery

Cable Protection & Industrial Sensors for Automation & Machinery

As a leading supplier of products for the machinery automation and process control markets, IBIS Electro-Products brings customers innovative, high-performing industrial sensor products and cable management solutions suited to a wide range of applications. Machine tools are required to become faster, perform reliably, and be subject to less downtime. As a result, there is a high demand for sensors, conduit and cable protection products to enhance safety and performance.

The IBIS Solution

IBIS is proud to assist customers around the world in designing custom solutions that meet their precise needs. Our wealth of experience in cable protection and industrial sensor systems for the machine building and manufacturing automation industries allows us to find the right solution to improve your production process and increase efficiency.

Our team can recommend a cable management solution suited to your industrial applications that can safeguard wires and cables against extreme temperature, pressure, repeated stress and other factors that may result in safety hazards or failure. Our range of Flexa conduit solutions are available in a number of different sizes, thread types and configurations. An IBIS expert will take into account your requirements for flexibility, temperature variations, UV resistance and mechanical strength to suggest the conduit products, fittings and accessories that are ideal for your machine type.

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Whether you need a complete cable management solution, or have another unique requirement, reach out to our experts to learn more about any of our available parts. All of our staff are fully trained on every product IBIS offers, so you can rely on us to provide knowledgeable answers to your questions. To get a quote on a single part or an entire solution, connect with us or browse our products below!