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NP2 NorthStar Vehicle Detector


Supply Voltage: 10 - 30 VAC or VDC


  • Full featured inductive vehicle detector by Northstar Controls LLC
  • Direct pin for pin plug-in replacement for the discontinued Sarasota / Peek Traffic 625X-24VAC & 625x-24VDC  & 625x-12VDC models
  • With its front & rear panel switch features, the NP2 is the most `user friendly` detector on the market today
  • It's the only vehicle / parking detector you will ever need!
  • This device is also known as an inductive loop sensor or inductive loop detector.


  • Easy to use controls
  • This is a dual-voltage model. It will work with a supply voltage of either 24VAC OR 10-30 VDC
  • Four  selectable operating frequencies ( factory setting is set to HI)
  • Failsafe or failsecure options
  • Increased sensitivity with 10 selectable sensitivities (factory setting is 5 or medium, good for all applications)
  • Works on any in-ground inductive loop from 20 to 1500 µH
  • Second relay output mode selectable
  • Loop failure indicator for both open or shorted loops
  • Permanent presence switch selectable (factory setting is set to 60 minutes)
  • Compact size - Industry standard 11 pin connector in a small plastic case


Supply Voltage: 
10 - 30 V, AC or DC
Presence Time: 
60min or permanent selectable
0.225 kg
Package quantity: 



Alternate SKU Numbers

NP2,24 | NP2.24 | NP2 24 | NP224