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Robotics Cable Management Solutions



Cable management systems that are designed specifically for the robotics and automation industry are essential to increase the safety and durability of the cables and wires used on a daily basis. Automated machine components are often subject to repeated flexing, torsion and mechanical stresses, which can cause cable failure if not properly protected. Additionally, robotic machines are required to be highly accurate and must operate at peak speed and functionality to maintain high rates of productivity.


IBIS’ conduit products from Flexa are specifically designed to withstand long periods of mechanical stress and repeated movements for applications in the robotics and automation industries. Highly flexible and lightweight, our range of robotic cable management products are particularly suited to situations that feature continuous or rapid motion.

We bring our customers one of the largest collections of cable protection systems and accessories, available in a number of variations to suit motion intensive applications.  Whether you require a heavy duty conduit for applications that require increased mechanical protection, or need a more lightweight and flexible solution, IBIS has the right product for you.


Our team is available to help you design a complete robotics cable management solution to reduce downtime and increase safety. The experienced staff at IBIS Electro-Products are here to offer advice and recommend the best products for your application, whether you simply require a single replacement part, or need help creating a larger-scale cable protection system.

To learn more about which of our cable protection systems are well-suited to applications in the robotics and automation industry, contact IBIS today, or request your quote online.