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When you require a vehicle detector to sense the presence of a vehicle to open a gate, or need a dependable solution for traffic management, vehicle positioning or parking space detection.


IBIS Electro-Products is pleased to offer an industry-leading selection of sensors for the parking automation sector. You can rely on our high-quality products from top brands like Northstar Controls and Peek Traffic. IBIS’ vehicle sensor products offer a range of frequencies and sensitivity selections that allow you to finely adjust your sensor for the best possible and most accurate performance.

Our range of parking automation products includes:

  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors
  • Vehicle loop detector accessories, including detector harnesses & 11 pin sockets


The IBIS team is well-equipped to offer advice and recommend the ideal solution for your parking automation application. Our experts have hands-on knowledge of all vehicle sensor products that we offer, so you can get the answers you need to choose the right parts that are compatible with your new or existing system.

If you are in search of one specific part, or require our help to design your parking automation solution, IBIS can provide you with a quote online.