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The mass transit industry is often thought of as a leader in technology and its manufacturing process must keep pace with this frequent innovation. This includes making use of the latest, most efficient electrical products as part of the train and bus manufacturing process.

Reliable products that improve performance are a key component of meeting this demand for durability and innovation. Better performance and increased safety can be achieved through the use of conduits, sensors and cable management products from IBIS.


To be used in train and bus applications, it is important for the products you choose to be resistant to a number of external factors, such as chemicals, fumes, flame and solvents, excessive vibration and heavy use. Our products are designed to withstand repeated use, and help to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

We are pleased to offer a number of products suited for use in mass transit, such as:

  • Flexible conduit systems for cable harnessing
  • Air and liquid tight conduit fittings
  • Secure cable glands
  • And more!


The experts at IBIS can offer advice and recommend the right solution for your train or bus application. Our team is highly knowledgeable on all products we offer, and can answer your questions promptly so you can get select the right parts for your unique requirements.

Whether you are looking for a specific product, or would like the IBIS Electro-Products team to design a custom solution for use in mass transit, request a quote online today.