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SiViB Record 1503E IBIS Machine Condition Monitor for 3 Acclerometer and 1 Speed inputs


SiViB Record 1503E IBIS Machine Condition Monitor configured for 3 Acclerometer and 1 Speed inputs.


Comprehensive machine I/O and data collection & storage module, microprocessor controlled

Versatile inputs allow for multiple combinations of vibration, bearing, speed, temperature and eddy current sensors

3 Digital inputs, 24 VDC, opto-coupled

3 Alarm outputs, opto-coupled

Very easy to install via DIN rail or base plate mounting.

Technical Data specific to Model - SiViB Record 1503E:

  • 3 inputs for accelerometers, 100 mV/g
  • 1 machine speed input

Technical Data:

  • Up to 370 time stamped data sets
  • Vibration Veff up to 80 mm/s and roller bearing condition up to 80 gSE
  • Temperature 0 - 200 C°, PT 1000 & KTY 84
  • Process inputs, 0 - 10 VDC
  • Machine speed input at 1 pulse per revolution, max = 60,000 / min

External details:

  • Power Supply: +24 VDC, approx. 250 mA
  • Housing: Plastic case, IP 20 sealing level
  • Mounting: DIN rail or base plate with screws
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Connection: Ethernet and RS-232C via 9-pin male connector with optional Null-modem cable for configuration and data download

Applications for Machine Condition Monitors:

  • Bearing housing or absolute casing vibration sensors
  • Ideal for use on motors, pumps, fans etc.
  • Trigger critical events & alarm conditions
  • Monitoring of / for high-frequency vibrations
  • Vibrations from rolling element bearings or gearboxes
  • Sense mechanical wear and degradation before serious machine breakdown


.500 kg
Package quantity: 

Sensor Details:
Sensor Type: 
Accelerometer - Vibration
Sensor Ring Diameter: 
21 mm


Alternate SKU Numbers

SIV01-013E | SIV01013E | SIV01 013E | SIV01+013E | SIV01/013E | SIV01,013E