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di-soric 4 mm range Capacitive Proximity Switch / Sensor M12 body PNP+NPN /NO+NC outputs
KNS M12M 04B G3-B3


di-soric 4 mm range Capacitive Proximity Switch / Sensor M12 body PNP+NPN /NO+NC outputs


Large scanning range, up to 8 mm.

Detection of metallic and non-metallic materials in liquid, powder and solid forms

Detection is possible through containers and packages

Self-contained, compact sensor technology

Very easy to install.

Technical Data:

  • Operating distance - 4 mm prime, adjustable 0.1 to 8 mm
  • Adjustable sensitivity via multi turn potentiometer, 12 way
  • Output - Push pull, PNP or NPN, NO & NC switchable
  • Max output current - 100 mA
  • Supply voltage - 18 - 30 VDC
  • Short circuit and polarity protected
  • Internal power consumption - < 15 mA

External details:

Temperature range: -20ºC to +70ºC

Housing: sturdy, tubular M12 x 1 mm stainless steel, IP 67 sealing level

Sensing face: PBT - Polybutylene Terephthalate

Output indication: Bright yellow LED display

Connection: M12 (3 pole) connector

Applications for Capacitive Proximity Switches:

  • Ideal solution for position and level sensing
  • Packaging equipment
  • Food & Beverage industries
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical process
  • Numerous automation and process applications where accurate position or level measurement is needed


0.1 kg
Package quantity: 

Sensor Details:
Sensor Type: 
Capacitive 3-wire
Sensor Sensing Distance: 
4 mm
Sensor Connection: 
M12 - 3 Pole
Sensor Housing Size: 
M12 x 1 mm
Sensor Output: 
Sensor Ring Diameter: 
21 mm


Alternate SKU Numbers

KNS.M12M.04B.G3-B3 | KNS-M12M-04B-G3-B3 | KNSM12M04BG3-B3 | KNS+M12M+04B+G3-B3 | KNS,M12M,04B,G3-B3 | KNS/M12M/04B/G3-B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3,B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3.B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3 B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3/B3 | KNS M12M 04B G3+B3KNS M12M 0