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SPR-VA-PU 3.6 x 6.4 mm Yellow Polyurethane Jacketed Square-Lock folded Stainless Steel Protective Conduit for fiber optic laser welding bundles


3.6 x 6.4 mm SPR-VA-PU is a Polyurethane Jacketed stainless steel, liquidtight conduit for fiber optic laser welding & cutting applications

This small diameter liquidtight conduit features a durable, specially formulated PU, Polyurethane sheathing.

The abrasion tough jacketing and hardened construction make it ideal for protecting laser welding and laser cutting fiber optic bundles.

Material & Structure:

  • strip-wound stainless steel, (V2A), 304 AISI
  • "S" profile, square-lock overlapping folded joint construction
  • Yellow Polyurethane (PU) outer sheathing, highly visible


  • very flexible
  • good abrasion resistance
  • good compression strength
  • low axial elongation
  • low surface adhesion; resists dirt, splatter, cuttings from sticking to the conduit
  • high microbial resistance
  • free of silicone, cadmium and halogen
  • liquidtight, IP68 sealing
  • wide application temperature range of -40ºC to +80ºC .... short term +120°C

Other Applications:

Medical laser fiber optic bundle protection.

Optoelectronics, machine building, lighting, robotics, measuring and sensor technologies. packaging machinery, railway industry, shipbuilding and automation.

Custom Sizes Available:

Custom dimensioned conduits are available with a minimum production quantity.

Custom roll / spool lengths are also available




Conduit Profile: 
Conduit Type: 
0.06 kg
Package quantity: 
50 metres

Conduit OD: 
6.4 mm
Conduit ID: 
3.6 mm
Static Bend Radius: 
70 mm
Dynamic Bend Radius: 
180 mm


Alternate SKU Numbers

2010-389-903 | 2010389903 | 2010 389 903 | 2010_389_903 | 2010/389/903 | 2010,389,903 | 2010+389+903