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Automation solutions for a global market

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High Quality Cable Management & Sensor Products

At IBIS, our customers shop with us time and time again because we simply offer the highest quality products in North America and the world. Our team has carefully put together our unique product range, selecting components that are manufactured using excellent quality materials and innovative production processes. We pride ourselves on offering long-lasting, reliable components that you can depend on. Choosing high quality sensor and conduit products means less downtime, less maintenance and fewer replacements.

We understand that our customers are looking for the most accurate and precise sensors and automation products, and highly durable and versatile cable management systems. That’s why IBIS Electro-Products has chosen to work with like-minded companies who continually innovate and enhance their products to offer improved performance, ease of installation, and incorporate new technologies.

We’ve partnered with industry-leading, high-performing brands from all over the globe, such as:

  • Flexa, high performance conduits and fittings
  • Dietz Sensortechnik, automation sensors
  • Di-Soric, automation sensors
  • Northstar Controls, vehicle detectors
  • Peek Traffic
  • Sarasota
  • QPIC, quality programming ports and interfaces made by us.

If you require assistance in selecting an appropriate product or need application guidance, get in touch with IBIS today. One of our technical sales associates will answer any questions you might have. Or, request a quote on any products you see on our website using our online quote form.