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TCP Tool Center Point 110 mm dual laser sensor


110 mm TCP Tool Center Point dual laser sensor with digital  PNP - NO outputs


TCP, Tool Center Point also known as Robot Tool Calibration or Robot Tool Reference

This TCP, Tool Calibration Sensor assembly provides a pair of highly accurate precision reference laser beams for multi-axis robot fixture, tip and tooling calibration. Robot performance and repeatability can be optimized in a matter of seconds simply by passing the robot tip through each of the laser beams. The response time is under 0.4 milliseconds.

The compact design allows for a quick and easy integration into both new and existing systems.

Ready for use with all robot brands such as: ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Nachi, Motoman, Panasonic, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Epson, Staubli, Comau, Adept and many others


  • Orthogonal x-axis and y-axis compact laser beams for X, Y and Z-axis detection
  • Laser class II with adjustable sensitivity
  • Dual Output - PNP, NO (normally open)
  • Operating temperature range of +2ºC to +45ºC
  • IP 67 sealing level in a robust metal housing and mounting frame
  • Designed and produced in Germany

Technical Data: (+20ºC at 24 VDC)

  • Dual class II laser beams, clocked, 650 nm with visible laser spot
  • Resolution - 0.1 mm detectable object size
  • Reproducibility - < 0.02 mm
  • Response time - <0.4 ms
  • Operating Frequency - 1.25 kHz
  • Max output current - 200 mA per output channel
  • Ambient light immunity of 50 k lux
  • Sturdy, rugged assembly with grounding lug - overall dims 150 x 200 mm

Power & Connection Interface:

  • Supply voltage - 10 - 30 VDC
  • Power consumption of < 90 mA
  • Short circuit and polarity protected
  • Connection through one 8-pin Harting style industrial  multi pole connector


Highly accurate multi - axis precision reference for the calibration of robotic tools, apparatus and fixtures

Fixture calibration, gripper calibration, tip calibration

Machining, drilling, cutting, grinding, milling

Automated assembly, gluing, painting, folding

Laser cutting, arc welding, tig welding, stud welding, spot welding

Food and beverage processing & packaging


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TCP.OGSL.110 | TCP-OGSL-110 | TCPOGSL110 | TCP+OGSL+110 | TCP+OGSL+110