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RK-1R Diablo Single Detector Rack


Supply Voltage: 10.5 - 30 VAC or VDC


  • Many vehicle detectors are designed to be plugged into a rack including some of the more popular Diablo Controls models. In those installations where a large rack is not available, Diablo Controls has designed a mini rack.
  • The RK-1R is designed to accept a plug-in vehicle detector on one side and accept the appropriate wires via a terminal block on the other side.
  • The entire mini rack is supported by four adhesive standoffs that attach anywhere inside the control cabinet.
  • The rack is designed for detectors that have a solid state output, but need a single relay output.
  • Use with Diablo Controls Detectors: DSP-13, DSP-40, DSP-55 and AVI-40


  • Simplifies wiring
  • Works with a wide supply voltage range of 10.5-30 VAC or VDC
  • Single relay SPDT (form C) output. A common, Normally Open, and Normally Closed.
  • Relay Output Rated at 3 amps @ 125 VAC
  • Includes four self-adhesive mounts
  • Compact size - Easy to install


Supply Voltage: 
10 - 30 V, AC or DC
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RK,1R | RK.1R | RK 1R | RK1R | RK/1R | RK+1R